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One year after the excellent Vintras-album (released through Hass Weg Productions), the sweet quartet of DUX release a gatefold 7”EP via Asgard Hass (hey, they have something with ‘hass’… And yes, their aural creations too breathe the magnificence of total hatred!

The artwork is fabulous, though the front cover drawing is little suggestive and not meant for the eyes of your children, nor your grandmother. But the pure essence reminds me to what we got twenty years ago – no compromises!

Shroud Of The Heretic

Shroud Of The Heretic are a pretty young formation, formed in 2009 (Oregon-based, for your important information), and known for a pretty interesting demo, Boiled To Death. This demo was released on vinyl and CD, respectively via Blood Harvest and Craneo Negro (just like this release). In between that debut record and this new effort, Revelations In Alchemy, the band shared the stage with e.g.


My first acquaintance with Al-Namrood was when I bought Kitab Al Awthan in 2012 (yes, I do still buy lots of stuff myself instead of downloading it; Metalzone’s logo, or at least one of their logos, is: ‘real metalheads buy hard copies’; if you do not want to f*ck up the scene completely, you need to get rid of your pathetic avarice and miserliness and [self-censorship…]).


Unearthly are a Rio de Janeiro-based band, formed at the end of last century. They are extremely popular in South America, having toured with internationally high-acclaimed bands like Obituary, Behemoth, Suffocation, Marduk, Hate Eternal and probably the most popular band from Brazil, Sepultura. The band visited Europe too, and especially in the eastern countries they became a welcome live-act.

Beast Within

Usually, when Sepulchral Productions appear, and with a band or project from the Québec-region, I become horny and hungry for this material shall be some grim and epic form of (often Nordic-inspired) Black Metal Supremacy. So you can imagine the enormous question-mark on my face when I listened to this EP for the first time.


Less than a year ago, Triumphant from Austria were formed out of the ashes of Manic Disease. With exception of the drummer and the recruitment of a second guitar player, the whole Manic Disease line-up is part of this new formation. The guys started writing new material that is comparable to the former stuff (recorded under their former moniker), and recently they were able to sign a two-album deal with Germany’s Cyclone Empire.

Serpent Eater

Serpent Eater are a band from Cologne, Germany, that return with their second album in nearly two years of existence. Currently consisting of members also active in e.g. Hammerhead, Tumult, Daskrill and English act Throats, Serpent Eater decided to call their sophomore full album Hyena, and in mean time they signed to Dutch Extreme Metal cult-label Hammerheart Records, which is about to release this twenty nine minutes epos on CD.

Erebus Enthroned

Erebus Enthroned are a Black Metal act from Australia, formed in 2006 and creators of the Divine Legions Of Satan demo (self-released, 2007), Spiritual Deconstruction (as part of their 2009-split with Nekros Manteia), the well-appreciated full length Night’s Black Angel (the band’s 2011-debut album for Séance Records), and another split, the 10”LP Accession Of Fire, with Blaze Of Perdition (2013).


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