Collision / The Rotted

Album Title: 
Collision / The Rotted
Release Date: 
Monday, April 7, 2014
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First of all: this EP will be released in a limited edition of 400 ‘normal’ copies (i.e. black vinyl) and 100 so-called splatter-vinyl ones. Outcome: hurry up!

Side A consists of two tracks (A Healthy Dose Of Radiation and Satanic Surgery) by Dutch combo Collision, a band with current or former members of e.g. Mangled, Gridlock and The Guilt Parade. They did an album on current label Hammerheart before (A Healthy Dose Of Death, 2012), and during the first decade of the 2000’s, there were two other (mini, for none of them clocks over thirty minutes of length) albums, an EP (live) and another split (with defunct Dutch Death / Grind-act Dr Doom). And in the very same peaceful vein, Collision are so kind to please us once again… A Healthy Dose Of Radiation and Satanic Surgery bring slightly disharmonious and thrashing Grindcore à la the Old Skool (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Dying Fetus), spiced with an Hardcore-attitude (S.O.D. and D.R.I. might come to mind). No, of course this material does not renew, but it does entertain for sure. My aural pleasure within this mess: the chain-sawing guitar sound! 75/100

Side B brings a song by UK-based Punk-Death act The Rotted, whom you might know under their former moniker as well, Gorerotted. Their contribution on this untitled split-EP, called Rotted Fucking Earth, was released as single via Candlelight in 2013. Those who are trusted with this act will notice that this song characterises the band’s approach, but I can’t imagine that might be a problem? The U.K. is one of the ‘greatest’ countries when it comes to this kind of Sonics, but for sure The Rotted are one of the best formations within the d-beat Grindeath-scene. And with this lullaby, The Rotted strengthen their position. Top! 88/100.