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Tarnkappe are a Dutch combo with (former) members of e.g. Krocht, Lugubre, Kjeld, Gheestenland and Salacious Gods, and admit: that does sound promising, does it not! They recently re-released the album Tussen Hun En De Zon, which means ‘in between them and the sun’, via Kult-label Hammerheart Records, but it was originally released in October 2013 via Sabbath’s Fire on tape.

Devilish Impressions

Devilish Impression did surprise the Netherworlds a lot with their 2012-album Simulacra (it was their third full length recording), being compared as some mixture of Behemoth and Septic Flesh (or is it Septicflesh?). Now they return with a two-track LP which shamelessly continues that very same path. The band released it independently in May 2014, i.e. two newly written pieces and, as bonus, three demo-tracks.


Villainy are a Dutch act that were born to pay tribute to the origins of Extreme Metal. The trio recorded this debut, ingeniously titled I (just joking; there’s nothing wrong with such a title, of course) at Perimeter Audio with Marc van Duivenvoorde (Entrapment, Acid Deathtrip, F.U.B.A.R. etc.) and it lasts for forty minutes.


Iceland is not such a ‘big’ country when it comes to Extreme Metal. I do know some hands full of Black Metal acts from this beautiful island, but when it comes to death Metal, I am not that informed. Besides bands like Malignant Mist, Beneath, Narthraal or Ophidian I, I cannot sum up many interesting Death Metal bands that rule the current scene.

Stuka Party

Ever heard about Stuka Party? I honestly did not, but apparently it is a project by William Blackmon, the guy behind Gadget and formerly of Withered Beauty-fame, as well as the owner (and well-known sound engineer) of the notorious Musikhuset Gävle Studio. With Schmeiser Smasher, and in co-operation with Dutch top-label Hammerheart Records, he releases a very limited (i.e.


Because Dutch band Phlebotomized were different from the average Death Metal band, and then I am talking about the very early nineties, they were both loved and hated. Their approach was pretty unique back then, so I’d like to refer to the review on the compilation album Devoted To God, Preaching Eternal Gospels, posted on July 20th 2013.


Austrian act Rauhnåcht was put to life by Stefan ‘Dreamlord’ Traunmüller, who’s (currently and previously) known, as musician, for bands and projects like Golden Dawn, Apeiron, Wallachia, Sternenstaub or Alastor, and who’s very active as producer / master / mixer / engineer for tens of (mainly Austrian) Metal acts too.


Dutch horde Sammath was formed about two decades ago by Jan Kruitwagen. After a couple of demonstrational cassettes, Sammath joined forces with Folter Records, which did release four full lengths. I do appreciate every single one of them for its primitivism and nihilism, the underground attitude and the anti-trendy approach.


Grot are an extreme act from the British Islands, consisting of Warpath / Cold War vocalist Eoin Broughal, guitarist / bassist John Roche (of Gamma Bomb-fame), and on drums the well-known Kevin Talley - think Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Decrepit Birth, Dying Fetus and Misery Index amongst others.


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