Album Title: 
Tussen Hun En De Zon
Release Date: 
Monday, October 13, 2014
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Tarnkappe are a Dutch combo with (former) members of e.g. Krocht, Lugubre, Kjeld, Gheestenland and Salacious Gods, and admit: that does sound promising, does it not! They recently re-released the album Tussen Hun En De Zon, which means ‘in between them and the sun’, via Kult-label Hammerheart Records, but it was originally released in October 2013 via Sabbath’s Fire on tape. This piece lasts for almost fifty minutes, and with some fantasy you might notice elements from the other bands / projects these pretty guys are involved with, but they go further too.

Actually, Tussen Hun En De Zon searches for an equilibrium in between thrashing Black’n’Roll and Nordic-styled Black Metal, including lots of other highly interesting details. For sure it has prominent elements from acts like Khold at the one hand, or Carpathian Forest at the other, though one cannot deny elements from the likes of Arckanum or Gorgoroth either. Besides, the bio also mentions Darkthrone and Burzum, and even with that I can agree. Oops, aren’t all of these Norwegian bands? Actually, yeah, but is that a problem. Hell no, it is not! There are those epic elements that refer to Nordic tradition, the comparable melodious structures, and the very same raw sound, but don’t we all adore this nastiness? Indeed, I think so too!

So let’s skip the crap and hurry up to the store in order to buy (or steel, if you dare - or if you are an azzzhole that wants to destruct / destroy / denigrate / betray our fabulous Dark Music scene even more) this album… I won’t spend my (worthy) time on writing more, because this beauty needs no more flowers and bells. If you can appreciate the bands / projects I mentioned above, then this is a great alternative, for it shamelessly equals the quality of those acts! Now leave me alone, and let me listen to Tussen Hun En De Zon once more…