Devilish Impressions

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Monday, February 2, 2015
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Devilish Impression did surprise the Netherworlds a lot with their 2012-album Simulacra (it was their third full length recording), being compared as some mixture of Behemoth and Septic Flesh (or is it Septicflesh?). Now they return with a two-track LP which shamelessly continues that very same path. The band released it independently in May 2014, i.e. two newly written pieces and, as bonus, three demo-tracks. The new material from last year’s CD will be re-released on vinyl now via one of the oldest and most influential labels from the Lowlands, i.e. Hammerheart Records (without the demo-tracks). Well done, guys, once again!

Anyway, Adventvs is a two-track release, consisting of two pretty lengthy songs (Adventvs Regis and Meteoron, seven and ten minutes respectively), and it was registered at the famous Hertz Studio. It goes about totally on in the vein of Simulacra, with pretty much the same ingredients: great differences in tempo and song structure, the use of softer intermezzos and proggy elements, a symphonic approach, the addition of clean vocals, highly-melodious but also high-tech riffing, gurgling and screamy grunts, and on top of it a powerful, overwhelming sound (cf. Hertz). It’s little mechanical, of course, but fans of Behemoth, Vesania, Crionics or Yattering might just adore this stuff.