Stuka Party

Album Title: 
Schmeiser Smasher
Release Date: 
Monday, April 21, 2014
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Ever heard about Stuka Party? I honestly did not, but apparently it is a project by William Blackmon, the guy behind Gadget and formerly of Withered Beauty-fame, as well as the owner (and well-known sound engineer) of the notorious Musikhuset Gävle Studio. With Schmeiser Smasher, and in co-operation with Dutch top-label Hammerheart Records, he releases a very limited (i.e. 300 copies) special edition, containing both CD and 10”EP in one single package, and entitled Schmeiser Smasher.  …reeks of some world war bombing in your backyard, not?...

I think I am not that far away from the truth with the description I just used. Schmeiser Smasher is a twenty five minutes attack, covering whole commonalties on nuclear fire, and you know: it’s meant to be this way. Damn yeah, Stuka Party succeed to create the ideal soundtrack for the madness of war and the noise of un-peace. This material is highly experimental (loads of variation in, for example, tempo, structure or sphere; additions from other genres, like Hard Rock, Death and Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Industrial / Noise, Groove, Jazz and Funk; the addition of samples taken from, well, actually I have no idea; and so on, and so on…).

Lately there is quite a shitload on Grind-releases, with lots of nonsense at the one hand (a hand that just wiped a post-diarrhoeatic accident without tissues or soap), and at the other stinky hand lots of extreme bands or projects that reinvent or re-upgrade the scene 1) by just creating great Grind stuff, or 2) by creating something that makes a difference with the grey masses. In Stuka Party’s case I am convinced they honour the flag of my second option, because what William Blackmon brings here is quite unique. And being unique isn’t enough, but this truly sounds fabulous. Each ‘song’ is another experience; sometimes purely noisy and archaic, then again adding melodious Doom-passages, or re-inventing the whole with scary and / or post-apocalyptic soundscapes, etc… War seems so beautiful…