This review does not deal with a new album, yet with a re-issue of what I do consider a monument. That’s a personal opinion, but many Black Metal adepts will surely agree. And those not aware (yet) of this stuff will mostly follow my opinion too. I did write a review on the original edition of All Pain As Penance ‘back then’ (2019). It was (soon) sold out (all physical editions), and one of the labels involved at that moment, i.e. Inferna Profundus Records from Lithuanian soil, decided to have this stuff reprinted again.

Dead Serious

[short review on an older release, but it’s worth waiting for, because it’s my review, haha]

No, I am dead serious about this, since it’s a nice day today…

Haft Teppeh

Man’s fate was sealed when he learned the art of forgetfulness. The worst thing he ever told himself is that things come to pass.

When the lying mirror is one’s best advisor, he is prone to fail.


I do not feel like spending too much time on this project’s introduction this time. As you might know, Satanath is the name of Aleksey Korolyov’s longest-running (originally formed in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg) solo-outfit that shows a frenzy vision on sonic creativity, in contrast to ‘Metal’ Music in general.

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