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Friday, January 11, 2013
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Album is a new band from Ohio. They formed somewhere in 2007 and have already released a self-titled album through a small label called Nice Life (from Columbus, Ohio). Album is a family band as drummer Josh Hopkins plays with Jason his brother and Winfield, who only lived three minutes away, was a friend of them.

The band began playing shows about a month into the band forming. When they were asked to play our first show they didn't even have a name yet and they just went with Album.

This Mini record certainly is an eye-catcher. The music sound wise can best be compared to The Sword but it is as strange as Ghost. So yes they keep it interesting and special and for some crazy reason it does work. But overall this is a fairly short record with only 4  bizarre tracks. so it is rather difficult to make a good conclusion. But Fair is fair and it was fun listening to these guys so it definitely has my thumbs up.