Ancient Bards

Album Title: 
A New Dawn Ending
Release Date: 
Friday, April 25, 2014
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Line up :

Claudio Pietronik – Guitars

Martino Garattoni – Bass

Sara Squadrani – Vocals

Federico Gatti – Drums

Daniele Mazza - Keyboards

With ‘Sara Squadrani’ the Italian band has a great lady in their ranks. ‘Sara’ who cooperated on ‘The Theory Of Everything’ by ‘Arjen Lucassen’. With that she lets us hear that she may become one of the leading ladies within the female fronted metal bands. ‘A New Dawn Ending’ is a super theatrical and bombastic power metal album with choir singings as backing vocals. But the voice of the front woman ‘Sara’ is on top of it all. Also musically the album is brought to perfection.

The songs that stand out the most are: ‘A Creator Purpose’, ‘Across This Life’ and ofcourse the excellent ballad ‘In My Arms’.

Super album, the best so far from ‘Ancient Bards’.


Tracklist :


  1. Before the Storm
  2. A Greater Purpose
  3. Flaming Heart
  4. Across This Life
  5. In my Arms
  6. The Last Resort (feat. Fabio Lione)
  7. Showdown
  8. In the End
  9. Spiriti Liberi
  10. A New Dawn Ending