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Limb Music is re-releasing Wizard’s back catalogue, and instead of writing a review for each separate album, I’ve decided to write one review for the two albums I received, the 2001 ‘Head Of The Deceiver’ album, and the 2005 ‘Magic Circle’ album.


This album must have been gathering dust at the back of a drawer I guess, since I only received it some two weeks ago to write a review.   When I looked at the bands name, and the graphics it was written in, together with the picture on the album’s sleeve, I got visions of eighthies German trash metal band, but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  These guys come from the US, and play melodic metal.


Astralion is new band in the melodic power metal genre, Like many other bands in this style they hail from Finland. They formed in 2011 and have with vocalist Ian Highhill and Bassist Dr. K. Lundell two ex-Olympos Mons members in their ranks. The line-up is completed with guitarist Hank Newman and drummer Arnold Hackman both ex-members of the thrash band The Addiction. Keyboard player Thomas Henry rounds up the line-up.


Line-up: Danny Cecati: Vocals, Con Papazoglou: Guitar, Zain Kimmie: Drums, Seb Schneider: Keyboard, Evan Harris: Bass


Skyliner originaly from Jacksonville, Florida. Formed in the year 2000 playing Heavy/progressive/power metal. But they making music that you normally expect from Europe. Current members are Ben ‘The Ben’ Brenner (drums, percussion), Jake Becker (vocals, guitar), Ashley Flynn (keyboards) and David Lee Redding (Bass).


Line up:

Dee Kivlehan – guitar

Decky Donohoe – drums

Dave McLaughlin – bass

Stevie McLaughlin – guitar

Sean McBay – vocals

Sandstone’, a melodic metal band from Ireland returns with their fourth album ‘Delta Virdian’.


Line up:

Nick Blake – bass

Fraser Edwards – guitar

Ricki Carnie – Vocals

Stuart Docherty – guitar

Dick Gilchrist – drums


Masters of Disguise

Masters of Disguise is named after the album SAVAGE GRACE (1985). Same cover concept a patrol cop, the infamous officer Knutson. Maybe a return… The band is formed in 2013 with members: Kalli Coldsmith (Guitar), Mario Lang (Bass), Neudi (Drums), Roger Dequis (Guitar) and Alexx Stahl (Vocals).


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