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Saturday, April 20, 2013
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Essentially what you get with Colossus is another entry into the world of groove math sludge metal that is already populated by the likes of Baroness, Truckfighters, Black Tusk and Kylesa. While fanatics of that particular little niche might be the ones to get the biggest kick out of Colossus, the overall unoriginality of the album is very unfilling. It is not like I haven't heard this sort of heavy riffing, screaming off-key John Dyer Baizley -like vocals, stomp-tribal tempos and material before elsewhere. Although singer Niklas fits in with the music, his voice is generally quite annoying, distracting and easily the worst part of the record. Aside from him, the other band members perform their jobs effectively and with conviction. You can't fault the band for lack of enthusiasm or lousy production as it contains quality on both counts. But ultimately this style is limiting and I would hope this Swedish threesome would make some attempt in the future to stand apart from their benefactors and seek out for another vocalist.