Corona Barathri

Album Title: 
Anima Tenebrarum
Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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If there is one thing about Corona Barathri is that I like is that a song never is just a song. It’s much more than that. A trip, a journey, an experience. With the right imagination it is possible to travel to the deepest caverns of Hell. Anima Tenebrarum is a recording for the Kalpamantra compilation Suiyase.

Anima Tenebrarum is a visit to the place where demons live. The ‘song’ is divided in 3 parts. In the first part we are preparing our self to open and enter the gate. Some howling sounds, rhythm percussions and the transcending voice of Fosco Culto. Once the gates are open and we enter where evilness lives we also enter the second part. Now we are floating on a wave through hell. Surrounded by passing demons, fading out of our sight. We are not in the real world anymore. The journey goes further and we go deeper and deeper. This is an experience. This is not about music, this is about you feel and about you can see deep in your mind. How far your imagination you can take and understand what this is about. Corona Barathri is so great in creating a sound you cannot deny hell exist. This is not for the weak. In the last part we can enjoy Fosco Culto’s beautiful voice that is waking us up from our trip. Nice soundscapes making me open my eyes again. We are back in the real world but the demons are still with me. I just visited Hell. And I liked it.

This song is available through bandcamp and it’s certainly worth to check it. This is not for the weak.