I have several reasons to explain the reason of this review, even though it was release almost one year ago: the community behind this project, the specific content (‘one year after …’), and of course the Aural Art. I’ll briefly explain these elements.


I have to be honest. I did not know the band Sermon from the Izmir-region in Turkey, even though they were formed fifteen years ago. Yet then again, apparently they have not been that active / productive either, so these guys will forgive me my ignorance, I’m sure. They were active from 1997 to 2004, but didn’t release anything but a couple of demos. …and faded away into nothingness.

Humanfobia & Brainquake

Witch Haus In The Forest is a collaborative effort by two international acts, i.e. one from Belgium and one from Chile. Marc Ceulemans aka Brainquake is a very productive Electronic / Noise / Experimental musician from Belgian soil, active since last century and responsible for numerous releases, amongst which different splits / collabs (with e.g. Brazilian Noise project Ferra-Reto [related to Nailed Nazarene Industries] or Italy’s HNW outfit Rapace).


Noise and power in a golden package, White Noise Fuck Chronicles is the newest effort by Leeds, UK, based one-man army Gold, a project by a crazy human being (at least I know he’s human), here known as D¥$FUNCTion.


I am almost ashamed to admit, but I had not heard of Saarkoth before. However, this formation started more than five years ago (2016), being formed in the Staffordshire area (UK), initially as a trio. After a nameless demo, the band – back then still as a trio – recorded and independently released their debut Jera, and in early 2020 Saarkoth, now as duo since their bass player left, returned with a lengthy one-track hymn, called Follow The Cult (also without assistance of any label).

Act Of Entropy

Act Of Entropy is a project by Pan, a dedicated Underground musician and promotor, and his partner (in crime) (who prefers to remain sort of anonymous). The project was formed four years ago or so, and exist ‘to explore the boundaries of what we can do’. The duo did record a hand full of releases in the past (i.e. demonstrational recordings and stuff), and about one year ago they did digitally release the Abyssal Esurience EP. Even-though it was finished and published one year ago (and a couple of days), I still want it to bring to mind.

Red Dawn Rising

Normally I do not delve deep into Metalcore-oriented stuff. Concreteweb (undersigned included, as being the sole reviewer) however tries to be open-minded, as long as the content is worth being treated. Well, earlier this year a band from Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium, Europe, Earth, Universe, sort of asked me about my opinion of their new album Weight Of The World. And you know, since I was (and still am) surprised the positive way by that release, I have no reason not to write down my thoughts on that album.

Idylls Of The Last King

In a philosophic way – and hey, I am not trying to set up any discussion about it – but mankind’s ‘inner self’ is always like a travel into one’s identity, a quest to discover your own raison d’être, a confrontation with monstrous entities, nothing else but caused by your own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions, and so on. Are there any supernatural powers – gods or deities, if you want – to enlighten the path we’re crawling on to reach the end? Is our inner self, being a ‘dungeon’, able to trespass the limitations, to cross the borders of our personal expectations and conversances?


I won’t go way too deep into the matter, but RS-28 Sarmat has to do with a quite young intercontinental nuclear missile manufactured in the Russian Federation, able to devastate vast areas all around our oh so beautiful and beloved planet. Boom!


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