Album Title: 
Tears On The Face Of God
Release Date: 
Monday, November 26, 2012
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After more than a decade of existence (originally as Fvoco Fatvo), and two full lengths, Eversin return with Tears On The Face Of God, an eight tracker with a massive sound (recorded at MP Studio) and a performance much more mature than before (even though 2010’s Divina Estopia, the band’s My Kingdom Music debut, was a killer album as well).Tears On The Face Of God brings, again, a modern form of extremely technical and prophylactic Thrash Metal, the slightly progressive avant-garde way. The songs are filled with ingenious breaks and hooks, lots of tempo changes, yet supported, at the same time, by traditional riffs. The whole still caresses the ass of Post-Groove, but a main difference with the past is another vocal approach, as well as the abundance of keyboards this time. Instead, the whole is rather focusses on experimental rhythms and technical riffs, through heavy and pounding guitar and bass lines. But at the same time, this album sounds little more ‘conventional’ than before.The album consists of more than a handful of killer tracks, yet unfortunately some fillers as well. Because everybody has his / her own opinion, you probably won’t agree with me (aha, if even I did care), but this is my review, so I am … Never mind… Tears … is the best thing Eversin ever did, even though it does differ from the past, but still…(ps: and don’t let me start ‘bout the English pronunciation ;o) )