Exordium Mors

Album Title: 
The Apotheosis Of Death
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Review Type: 

I didn’t know the Mexican label Iron, Blood And Death Corp., but apparently they did release quite a number of albums from fabulous bands and projects throughout the years. A new signing on their roster is Exordium Mors, an experienced five-piece with members from e.g. Stormforge and Heavy Artillery. They recorded this first full length (there were some demos and EP’s before) at the Revolver Studio with Alex Selman doing production, mix, engineering and mastering.

The first part of this fifty four minutes album is the Apotheosis Of Death-concept. But there is not such a difference in between the first and the second half, seen from musical point of view; only the titles and lyrical approach are little different.

Exordium Mors bring extremely nasty, filthy, ugly Death / Black / Thrash Metal, highly energetic as well as timeless in approach, yet with an ambitious focus on the old styled trends. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?! Each piece is quite varying, and then I am referring to the interaction in between different levels of speed, the fine-elaborated hooks, the addition of fiery solos and staccato leads, and the logically-built composition structures. With variety I am not mentioning the songs in comparison to each other, for about each of them comes with a very comparable identity (cf. the ingredients I just summed up). But it’s not that these tracks just sound alike. Besides, the quality of both song writing and effective performance are just superb. No, seriously; we’re sort of overloaded this kind of stuff, but in the case of Exordium Mors everything fits. There are even some hints of Speed/Punk in Abandon All Hope, and that too does not disappoint right here.

The bio compares this album to Deströyer 666with touches of Desaster and Bölzer’. Deströyer 666 is a very accurate comparison, I think, and with some open-minded fantasy both German acts could sound as source of inspiration as well. I think there are quite some characteristics too that might remind the listener to the likes of, especially, Absu / Melechesh, as well as Nocturnal Graves, Fallen Christ, Impiety and even Immortal or Aura Noir. Ave!