Album Title: 
Blakaz Askǭ Hertô
Release Date: 
Monday, November 4, 2013
Review Type: 

I honestly had never heard of FŌR before (even though there uses to be a full length, called Kundaz), but ‘they’ do really surprise me with the vinyl-record Blakaz Askǭ Hertô (and as from now on I am searching for that debut!). The concept deals with the witch Gullveig and the Ulfhamir, the bloodline of wolves and the whole spiritual histories behind it. No, it’s not original anymore, but it does fit once again!

And let’s be honest: the introductional title track, an industrialized sample, gives an impression of a mostly nasty experience to come, not?!... With The Ravenous Chasm I am attentive. What a bleak, grumpy approach to express your hatred for mankind. It’s very much Abruptum-oriented, mixed with Beherit, Profanatica, Portal, Deiphago or any other Doom-Grind-Noise act on Earth. Despite a handful of blasting Grind-assaults, the main tempo focuses on ultra-slow Doom passages, drenching the whole into a mostly morbid and blood-covered grimness. Damn, it makes me hungry, it makes me horny. I want more! Soon!