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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
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Hatevömit (or Hatevomit, without the ‘¨’) originate from Istanbul, Turkey, and a couple of years ago they (guitarist / bassist Unholy Nuklear Terrorist and vocalist / lyricist Damnare, both formerly in e.g. The Upheaval) joined forces with the Mexican drummer Hugo ‘Revolt’ Olivos from mighty Vomitile. They did some split-contributions and demonstrational material before, and now the trio returns with Necrövömit, a six-tracker that gets released on Underground Resistance, which is owned by Unholy Nuklear Terrorist, and Symbol Of Domination Productions, a division of Satanath Records.

The band labels its musick as ‘Vömit Metal’ – yeah, whatever – because they try to have the listener throw over again and again. But you might like to swallow the puke once again???

The EP has a duration of twenty six minutes and the artwork, done by Unholy Nuklear Terrorist, shows a glimpse of what to expect. And hey, maybe their self-invented style might be pretty accurate? Vomit Metal indeed?...

Well, actually, what this three-piece brings is a mixture of old styled, uncompromising Death, Thrash and Black Metal from the First Wave edition, based on repetitive guitar melodies, recurrent yet sometimes innovative (!) drum patterns, no-nonsense bass lines and a truly vomitous throat. It’s like a structured chaos, an apocalyptic whirlwind through dimensions of old styled sonic spheres, spitting on trendy modernism, shitting on progression, puking on the urge to be renewing or original. And hey, here’s I, supporting these ideas of trying to be a new generation of extremity! Surely, this smelly shit lacks of inspiration, and at the same time it’s so inspirational!!! …contrasts to show this band’s fabulous point of view, contradictions to prove this band knows they’re right…!...

Imagine a mixture of elements from very early Mayhem, Tormentor, Mantas, Blasphemy, Bathory, Profanatica, Sarcófago, Abruptum, Bestial Mockery and Black Witchery, and you might have a clue of what to experience… But admit: this comparison does sound great, does it not?! But at the same time, expect a sound quality that lacks any über-professional support – but then again, is it necessary? Indeed, I thought so…