The Hell

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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If I have to go by what certain English “specialized “ press had to say about this album then the THE HELL are the future of hardcore…….well  I don’t think so. What is on display here is a bunch of second rate hardcore mixed with blunt English humor. Now personally I am a fan of English humor of all kinds, but in this format spread over 13 tracks and a secret track… and pretty one dimensional (how many times can we say fuck shit dick kill on one album) than it becomes very quickly very boring….. Humor and hardcore/crossover can work, it’s been proven in the past by bands such as Mucky pup, and SOD MOD or even Concrete sox ‘smoustache” but it definitely does not work for “The HELL” whatever the English chauvinist press might say.  A waste of money if you ask me.