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Friday, April 18, 2014
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Young quartet Hirsipuu hails from Finland and self-releases the eight-tracker Ihmisestä, which lasts for eighteen minutes. This means: short tracks, all of them in between two and three minutes, so expect a fist-in-the-face product that will take no prisoners. And indeed it does not.

The quartet brings uncompromising right-in-your-face Death assaults with a subtle Grind-edge (but this is not a Grindcore album), and nicely balancing in between blasting attacks and some slower passages. Specific for this band are the duelling vocals: raw grunts versus sore screams, as well as a nice symbiosis of melody and groove. The riffing is quite intense and technically executed, and the sound too is well-executed. However, this material isn’t memorable at all, for there is not one single piece that truly stands out. Nowadays we expect more, much more. Better next time???