His Haunted Humming

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Sunday, October 15, 2023
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Even-though I will keep it short this time, I firstly would like to explain why I will review the recording called Asceticism by His Haunted Humming. It actually is the fourth (I think) release by this Polish project in an extremely short period. The interesting thing is that His Haunted Humming is another outfit by Przemysław ‘Sadox’, the sweet guy behind projects like Sado Rituals (harsh and droning ANW of the highest order), Crepuscular Rituals (a ritualistic collaboration with Ken from Crepuscular Entity or Basement Corner Emissions) or Space Emperor Xennu (Space Drone Noise Wall). He’s also the human being who runs the amazing Noise / Ambient label Gates Of Hypnos.

This two-piece recording, following Flagellation, Teachings and Martyrdom, gets released independently, and not via Gates Of Hypnos. Once again it finds its source of inspiration within orthodox belief, with both the album’s title and the (extremely fitting, intriguing and mind-blowing) artwork referring to divinity and devotion. The aural content, however, transcends above the inner peace behind religious dedication, for Asceticism brings one hour of monumental, energetical and commanding sonic massiveness.

Both pieces, called Asceticism I and Asceticism II, are comparable in texture and concept. Both of them represent a skull-crushing and monotonous wall of static, crackling and devastating Noise. Each of them clocks almost thirty minutes, and in both cases that stands for half an hour of menacing repetition, twice. But despite this monotony and repetitiveness, the HNW-amateur won’t ever be disappointed.

Thick, abundant layers of monolithic discordancy rumble forth, never fading away, never renouncing or relinquishing. Despite a lack of evolution or development, the whole does sound intensively dynamic and vehement, like a continuously rolling thunder that either wanes nor amplifies, not in structure nor in content. Yet then again, this is nothing but the essence of this typifying stylistic approach, of course. On top of it, this aural effort is totally drenched in a mantle of oppressive darkness and, at the very same time, enlightening finesse, despite the colossal fortress of sound.