Signs Preyer

(review written by Erik - thank you!)

I have to admit I’ve never been an eager fan of Stoner rock, and this album isn’t going to convert me. Although it’s not 100 % stoner, as I also discern vague elements of other metal styles.

Not that it’s that bad an album, but it’s just not my cup of tea. There’s not enough melody in the music, and sometimes it’s a bit of a cacophony. And I like my vocals clean and sharp, which isn’t the case here.


Brazil-born damsel IO is one of the most productive / active human beings lately. She is, and I quote, ‘visual artist, scenographer, fashion designer and musician’. When talking about ‘musician’, she’s active under different pseudonyms or throughout serial recordings, such as IO, Dragonflies In The Garden, The Flower Book, Modor, Black Paintings, The Hunt Of The Unicorn, For Children: The Gates Of Paradise, Danse Macabre and who knows what else.


I recently posted a review for the debut of Swiss act Aspaarn, Ancestral Genocides. That album - and the same goes for both demonstrational mini-albums that have been released in the meantime - brings the bare essence of universal Black Metal in its purest form.

Sado Rituals

Location: Poland

Members: Mister Sadox

Artwork: stunning

Type: digital only

Duration: 44:00

Genre: Harsh Ambient Noise Wall


Introduction: Another creation by the ultra-productive one-spirit entity Sado Rituals for this guy’s prolific label Gates Of Hypnos


Country (for what it’s worth): Finland

Members: Janne Tuikkala (all instruments & song-writing) & Janne Partanen (vocals & lyrics)

Mix & mastering: Janne Tuikkala (at j.sound home-studio)

Artwork: Awinita Alm (link below)

Type: digital-only

Duration: 37:53

Genre: atmospheric & epic Melodic Black Metal



Country (for what it’s worth): UK

Members: PB

Type: digital only

Duration: 39:36

Genre: Harsh Noise Wall


A riddle: you might surely know the enigmatic human entity behind this Pop-act; just think about an ‘album’ with the very same moniker released on Gates Of Hypnos… Woohoo, mystery…


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