Removed From This Life

Not that very long ago, I got in touch with the sympathetic guy behind the label Depressive Black Ambient Records. Chris is a dedicated guy when it comes to Underground Music, but this Polish label’s roster too does impress enormously. It has to do with both the highly-qualitative projects involved, as well as the open-minded approach, for it deals with a wide range from Ambient to Noise, as well as some Black Metal projects.

Der Finger

Das Zeit was originally released in 2018, so this review deals with a re-issue of an older recording. But both the kind Gates Of Hypnos chief P. Sadox and undersigned (it is I; almost as kind as Mister Sadox) agreed to promote the reissue; the first one via the digital re-release, the other one (it’s me again) via writing down and publishing my ideas, also known as ‘a review’.


I am almost ashamed to admit, but I had not heard of Saarkoth before. However, this formation started more than five years ago (2016), being formed in the Staffordshire area (UK), initially as a trio. After a nameless demo, the band – back then still as a trio – recorded and independently released their debut Jera, and in early 2020 Saarkoth, now as duo since their bass player left, returned with a lengthy one-track hymn, called Follow The Cult (also without assistance of any label).

Silent Obsession

Silent Obsession are a young project (formed in 2017) from Algerian soil, formed by Max Marginal. At the end of Spring 2020, as a quartet, Silent Obsession independently released a first EP, called Lost. Now, about one year later (and a couple of minutes or so), the project finished a second EP with the working title Countdown, also independently released.

Red Dawn Rising

Normally I do not delve deep into Metalcore-oriented stuff. Concreteweb (undersigned included, as being the sole reviewer) however tries to be open-minded, as long as the content is worth being treated. Well, earlier this year a band from Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium, Europe, Earth, Universe, sort of asked me about my opinion of their new album Weight Of The World. And you know, since I was (and still am) surprised the positive way by that release, I have no reason not to write down my thoughts on that album.

Moloch Conspiracy

(same message as yesterday, for my Bonaventure-review) [due to health issues in my family, quite some reviews have been delayed; this one too is about an album for which the review had been prepared a while ago, yet it never got finished; now it will…]


I have never disliked the Noise scene, even though about half of the (sub) genres within this scene are incomprehensible to me. However, some I do like enormously. I am not going to sum up the ones I like or dislike, but I can honestly say that Gates Of Hypnos, one of the most open-minded and darkened labels nowadays (run by Sado Ritual’s Przemysław ‘Sadox’ Grochowski), did surprise me several times before.

Idylls Of The Last King

In a philosophic way – and hey, I am not trying to set up any discussion about it – but mankind’s ‘inner self’ is always like a travel into one’s identity, a quest to discover your own raison d’être, a confrontation with monstrous entities, nothing else but caused by your own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions, and so on. Are there any supernatural powers – gods or deities, if you want – to enlighten the path we’re crawling on to reach the end? Is our inner self, being a ‘dungeon’, able to trespass the limitations, to cross the borders of our personal expectations and conversances?


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