The Filthy Nebula / His Haunted Humming

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
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Country (for what it’s worth): Serbia (The Filthy Nebula) & Poland (His Haunted Humming)

Members: Nikola Antić (The Filthy Nebula) (also: Raw Wastelands, Glog, Egzorcizam, Depression Embrace, Three Moons, Nothingness) & Przemysław Grochowski (His Haunted Humming) (also: Sado Rituals, Crepuscular Rituals, Lazy As Molester, Space Emperor Xennu)

Artwork: a wonderful piece from Orthodox belief

Type: digital only

Duration: 30:11 (The Filthy Nebula: 15:15 / His Haunted Humming: 14:56)

Genre: ANW-injected Harsh Noise Wall


It is no secret that Gates Of Hypnos label-owner Przemysław carries out a passion for Orthodox religion and rites. His Haunted Humming is his sonic expression of belief and worship. This release deals with a dedication to ‘Theotokos, Mother of God’, and it was the ideal opportunity to join forces with The Filthy Nebula

Both solo-outfits brings a fifteen-minute long wall of noise, each with their own identity. Yet somehow, glorified by a divine benedictory, both pieces are remarkably coherent in concept and atmosphere.

Theotokos starts off with The Filthy Nebula, with a creation that partly made it to eleventh edition of the Plataforma Recs series Noise Around The World (there known as Supplicatory Canon). This ‘track’ combines religious Orthodox chants with a fiercely rock-pulverizing wall of static Harsh Noise. The NHW-approach is like the basement of this piece, with that devoted singing acting as living entity levitating above that basement. The walls are monotone and continuously thundering and bouldering, yet in some magnificent sense it expresses a meditative greatness at the very same time as well. Nevertheless, it does maintain a lugubrious axis.

The second piece was created by His Haunted Humming and rumbles deep into realms of mesmerizing, narcotic and seductive ambience. It’s a monotone yet inspirational effort, permanently droning in a bleakest manner, yet at the same time revealing hidden rays of enlightenment. This composition is like the definition of hypnotic Ambient Noise Wall in its most virginal, pure essence. The multi-layered drones surround the listener with secret, even sacred, visions of immensity, super-dimensional vastness, and in-depth introspection at the very same time. It creates a metaphysical yet spectral tension.

Theotokos offers the audience a fine view on transcendental and celestial Aural Art. Despite the long-stretched monotony, none of both compositions annoy one single moment at all (at least for those who carry endurance and perseverance).