Gates Of Hypnos

noxpox & Humanfobia

…originally released in 2023…

…a tribute to Carrie, a magnificent work by the great Stephen King (and for what it’s worth: when I was a kid [a very long time ago], King was my favorite author)…

…a collaboration in between two outsider acts from Germany (noxpox) and Chile (Humanfobia)…

Sado Rituals

Location: Poland

Members: Mister Sadox

Artwork: stunning

Type: digital only

Duration: 44:00

Genre: Harsh Ambient Noise Wall


Introduction: Another creation by the ultra-productive one-spirit entity Sado Rituals for this guy’s prolific label Gates Of Hypnos


Country (for what it’s worth): UK

Members: PB

Type: digital only

Duration: 39:36

Genre: Harsh Noise Wall


A riddle: you might surely know the enigmatic human entity behind this Pop-act; just think about an ‘album’ with the very same moniker released on Gates Of Hypnos… Woohoo, mystery…

Sado Rituals

A short one, yet coming from my heart…

I won’t go too deep into the label and the project this time. The label is one of the most impressive ones within the worldwide Drone / Noise / Ritual Ambient scene lately (enter this label’s name in the ‘Search’-tab to find out more reviews, if interested), and the project is the main outfit by the label-owner; a very kind person who deserves my respect and support. No further comment this time…


I know that Mister (bleak) did release some new material in the meantime, but I just feel to write down my thoughts on this digital EP, because… Well, does it matter? I just wanna do so…


I was kind of sad when I read that Depression Embrace would stop all activities. Poland’s finest Gates Of Hypnos recently released the last Depression Embrace album, being a compilation with almost three and a half hour of darkened ambience. And I am not sure whether Glog is still active, for this project recently released a compilation with all former material, all in once.

Sado Rituals / Mass Graven Image

Short introduction on both projects, the label, and the release itself.

Sado Rituals: project by Gates Of Hypnos president P. ‘Sadox’ K., one of the most productive yet also most interesting Noise-outfits from Poland in history.

Mass Graven Image: Texan-based Death Industrial / Ambient / Noise project with a limited yet highly interesting effort on releases.


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