Sado Rituals

Album Title: 
Release Date: 
Friday, March 1, 2024
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Location: Poland

Members: Mister Sadox

Artwork: stunning

Type: digital only

Duration: 44:00

Genre: Harsh Ambient Noise Wall


Introduction: Another creation by the ultra-productive one-spirit entity Sado Rituals for this guy’s prolific label Gates Of Hypnos

Content: one huge wall of sound, like a thunderous and crackling avalanche, monotonous and repetitive at the one hand, yet abundant, even decadent in performance and sound-palette. In essence, INRI is static in execution and sandy in texture (sandy, like the gritty crunch of sand grains under pressure).

Because of the mono-repeating production, one might fear hints of tedium. Yet that’s not the case in here, for this undulating noisescape actually accompanies the listener through man’s mind, creating synaptic connections of both aural satisfaction and mental divinity. It creates a neurological effect, like a self-curing process caused by sonic stimulation. It stimulates inner healing via raspy frequencies of multiple-layered digital sound-manipulation.

Conclusion: despite a singular, one-directional sound-sculpture, INRI turns out to be an intriguing play. It’s more than one huge, unstoppable gulf of mud that slowly floats by, for one can experience multiplex levels of rumbling and roaring sonority. This is a fine wall of noisy and droning labor with a sense of hypnagogic hypnotism and soporific anesthesia. …and an inevitable touch of devoted affection…