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Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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A (very) short one (once again) but too much of interesting level to ignore… (some more are yet to come…)

Forbidden is the x-th digital release (another EP, actually) by Carrion, one of the projects by Leeds-based composer / musician / label-owner (bleak), and once again being available via the befriended label Gates Of Hypnos; the latter being run by Przemyslaw ‘Sadox’ (also behind Sado Rituals and Crepuscular Rituals; the latter being a collaboration with Ken Jamison).

This EP comes with stunning artwork (again); this time courtesy of some Tim Hull-Daley, providing a multi-colored palette that, despite its amalgam of hue and tincture, looks quite oppressive and morbid.

Once again, this EP is a one-track experience, which clocks 18:30 minutes this time. Forbidden stands for oppression, obscurity, claustrophobia and enigma, canalized through a somewhat atmospheric yet mysterious, even eldritch, form of deep-droning Ambient Noise Wall-like soundscape. Long-stretched waves of distorted sonics and ominous echoes of utter darkness get accompanied by field-recorded-like sounds from natural sources (the bio refers to ‘windy field recordings’), resulting in a massive and monumental, yet not too devastating (!), effort of almost horrifying grandeur. Underhandly, semi-erotic pleasures, sadistic satisfaction and darkened desires seem to rise up through these somewhat repetitive tidal waves of arcane and intimate sound-sculpting.

Hypnotizing soundwaves go well with the injection of piercing noises and disturbing samples. Despite the initially-expected repetition, then again, the result never bores, for the subtle changes in structure, atmosphere and sound, though so miniscule in execution and appearance, are of a remarkably high-leveled finesse. Forbidden mesmerizes, seduces, and intoxicates!