Even-though this guy from the French-speaking part of Belgium (Wallonia, the South of the country) is active as musician for about two decades, initially under the Planets Citizens moniker (rather EBM / Electro-Pop-oriented), I only noticed him about one year ago. It was under his moniker Rojinski that Alexei drew my attention.


I do know that these guys did finish a second album in the meantime, but I once promised to write down my thoughts on their debut, and since I am such sympathetic guy…

Gold / Sado Rituals

Are you ready to praise the messiah and his holy father? Will you spread his word and hail his virgin mother? Are you prepared to meet Jesus of Yggdrasil?

Well, then this soundtrack might be your guide into the mental / mentally disordered dimension of sacrificial pleasure…


The label Ungaikyō Prod. is a French outlet to promote Ambient and Dungeon Synth-oriented Music, inspired by the Japanese culture and (archaic / ancient) sonic scene. It was formed quite recently by Julien Lacroix, who has some solo-projects within that very comparable scene. You will surely know this sympathetic guy as well from Moloch Conspiracy (recently, and sadly, defunct). I won’t go too deep into the background of the label nor the human being behind it this time.


[a short one for being sold out – at least the tape-edition of this remarkable live registration – yet still worth being promoted anyhow, and in support of / respect for Thomas]

Colin Load

The label Abstract Trauma Recordings is quite a young one, inspired by the surreal and freakish sounds created by man(kind) (‘man’ is not always that ‘kind’, so I have an aversion to use the definition ‘mankind’) – or entities related to man(un)kind somehow.


…with some delay; a pity at the one hand, for the physical edition is sold out in the mean-time (a cassette version and one on compact disc, carefully remastered by Simon Heath), but the digital one is still available; and since it is never too late to focus on ‘older’ stuff of such high quality, even-though I’ll keep it concise this time, a few words...

M. W. Daniels

First this. This webzine writes reviews about Sonic Supremacy, not about Visual Art [movies / motion pictures]. But I would like to start this review with a small word about the short movie Keeley. It’s a well-written and nicely performed story, quite controversial, about religious fundamentalism and … Nope, I’m not going to spoil the fun yet. But believe me that from cinematic point of view, this material is highly recommended – and apparently it has been welcomed by many connoisseurs of the motion picture scene with superlatives and appreciation / respect / gratitude.


Noise and power in a golden package, White Noise Fuck Chronicles is the newest effort by Leeds, UK, based one-man army Gold, a project by a crazy human being (at least I know he’s human), here known as D¥$FUNCTion.


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