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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Humiliation are a band from Malaysia, not immediately the country-number-one when it comes to Death Metal nowadays. There was quite a vivid scene at the end of the eighties (as well as in the neighbour countries, like Indonesia – it truly was the case!), but nowadays it’s rather an exception to hear (new) material from bands hailing from that part of our ugly globe. But Humiliation are such a band that will put Malaysia on the map again. For a part it will have to do with their signing to Deepsend Records too, of course, but you know, that label does not sign a band just like that, except for when their crew thinks it is worth it. Is it a smart decision? With the former full length, it was still somewhat doubtful, let’s be honest…

Seen the discography, one might guess that this must be interesting material. Humiliation do exist for about five to six years, but they have quite an impressive curriculum vitae in mean time, with four full lengths, several minis, and lots of collaborations on splits. The past did not always show a steady band, but there has been a positive progression throughout the years. They have been searching for an own sound at the one hand, and a convincing result at the other, but Deepsend Records gave them the benefit of doubt. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

Actually, this quintet did record an impressive album indeed. Almost forty eight minutes of stuff in the vein of the past, that’s what Battalion stands for, but there is one huge remark, and I’d like to express my soul about it with this: WTF?! In its purest essence, there is not that much that differs from the past. I am referring to the approach especially, of course. But the main evolution is the quality of song writing (and as result, the performance too), which did increase vertiginously. The core of Humiliation’s Death Metal is still based on what Morgoth, Bolt Thrower, God Dethroned, Incantation or Six Feet Under used to do a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, in the past it didn’t always work out that well (even though I do not fully agree, because I think in essence there has always been a seed that needed to evolve – which it certainly did right now). Let’s say that Battalion is the best thing this band did to date.

In general, Battalion collects some chunky, down-tuned pieces with a war-injected strength at the one hand, and a thrashing grooviness at the other. The melodious structures are supported with force by a rhythm section that is as hard and heavy as my d… Sorry, I was about to reveal something about my personal physical state of glory… And now seriously again: this stuff grooves, thrashes and rocks, paying tribute to the War-Death superiority of Old. Mercenary 2.0, you said? Why not…

The main speed is slow- to mid-tempo based, the main structures are melodious and, at the same time, harsh and warlike, and the production is so f*cking heavy; there is no reason not to like this material if you adore at least one of the bands I mentioned in a former paragraph. Humiliation do not renew, but they are no cheap copycats either. Humiliation do not explore new areas, but they do not stand still on depleted soil either. Humiliation do not try to reinvent the scene, but they do pay homage to the initial purveyors of this sub-genre. Or, in conclusion: Battalion is the best Humiliation recording to date!