I Exist

Album Title: 
From Darkness
Release Date: 
Friday, December 13, 2013
Review Type: 

I EXIST are a sextet from Australian capital Canberra,   and on there  3th full length they present us a slab of  darkness one would not immediately  link to surfers paradise down under.  What I Exist  offer us is   downtuned    guitar violence , ranging from  doom to stoner  sludge with a hint of death  metal and  some  hardcore.  The vocals can be filed under “guttural”.  Not  all tracks on “From Darkness” manage to   score high on my   “attention span radar”  but when they  let  the sludge & doom  approach take  priority  over  fast  forward, they do get my seal of approval.  Check out “ heal me in smoke” , “ sorrow on hill 105”  or  “ride to hell “ and you” ll catch  my drift.  To summarize not a bad album but it won’t  get nominated  for a grammy neither.