Album Title: 
Nur die Besten werden alt
Release Date: 
Friday, October 24, 2014
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What is this.  If I’d say the Germans have a bad taste, I’d be close to the truth.  This is the country that brings us the ‘schlager’ festivals, and other disastrous events, yet also a country that has produced many world class metal bands, like Accept, Doro, and the list goes on.

Yet I’d never before heard of this band J.B.O., who exist since 25 years, and to celebrate their 25 years existence, have released this album ‘Nur die Besten werden alt.  Now I must confess I like the German carnival band Die Höhner, and this band, you could say is a metal/hard rock clone of Die Höhner’.

This band manages to bring together own compositions, with covers of existing songs, but but other lyrics, in German on the music of the covers.  For instance, the second song on the album ‘Death Is Death’, is a cover version of ‘Live Is life’,  and ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ has become ‘Das Bier is da zum Trinken’. Highly original, but a genre of music that only has fans in German speaking countries I’m afraid.