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Friday, April 18, 2014
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I did mention it when reviewing Jumalhämärä’s new mini-epos Songless Shores very recently (updated on June 8th 2014), but these Finns have always been a band apart with their eccentric identity. I first heard about them by means of the 2010-full length Resignaatio (check out the review, posted in the Archive-section and updated on November 26th 2010), also released via current label Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions. And on October 7th 2013 they came up with this full length, which was / is completely different from higher mentioned debut full length. Resitaali was released on vinyl only, but now it will be made available on CD as well, at the very same date as the Songless Shores mini-album, so I am that kind to review it especially for you… No thanks…

Besides, there was no review on this album last year, so to make it up… Once again, no thanks. You’re welcome…

Resitaali consists of four compositions, with three of them lasting for about eight minutes, and one clocking near eleven minutes. That’s pretty lengthy, especially when knowing that this material stands for a rather monotonous and repetitive-nihilistic form of, well, church-like ambience? This has nothing to do with (Black) Metal at all, for the sole instrument used is an organ. The four pieces bring slightly desperate and melancholic spheres, which bring a project like Vond (the most suicidal solo-project of Mortiis) to mind. The ‘church’-think I mentioned is not correct, at least when it comes to the essence of the whole. It’s rather the sound of the organ used that might refer to this great instrument (he, ever heard a heretic being positive about such stuff?), but the sacral, quasi-divine and meditative emotions created right here are very tempting (don’t fear, I won’t convert…).

These slow, minimal and repetitive Ambient Atmospherics are not what we might have expected from Jumalhämärä. But I am sure there are some amongst you that will adore this stuff. I do too…