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Friday, November 21, 2014
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This is the second album by British band Lawless, released 18 months after their debut album ‘Rock Savage’.  Just like their first album it has a sound that reminds you of the 80ies classic rock sound, which is no wonder, since most of the bandmembers have a history in music that goes back to those days.

These guys bring us a nice combination of hard rock and heavy metal, brought by well versed and gifted musicians.  Had this album been released in the eighties, this might have been a best-seller. Nowadays, with the stream of releases, I hope this album will be discovered by people like me, who grew up in the age of NWOBHM, with bands like Demon, Saxon…  

A special mention also to the artwork, that shows the Houses of Parliament in a ruined state.  Nice.