Marcus Jidell

Album Title: 
Pictures From A Time Traveller
Release Date: 
Friday, August 16, 2013
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Marcus Jidell you know of course as being the guitarist from Evergrey.  Like Yngwie Malmsteen he’s also from Sweden, and a fantastic guitarist. With this album he goes solo.  The songs go back to 2005 and were from a project that ended unfinished in 2008.  And while I’m absolutely no fan of pure instrumental albums, this one managed to draw my attention.

Not that I find it a fantastic album, and that from now on I’m a total convert towards instrumental albums, but this one offers enough diversity, and is complex enough, without it getting overcrowded or too complex.  It shows of that Mr. Ridell is a very talented guitarist, but without it getting boring, like I usually think instrumental albums do.