Martyr Defiled

Album Title: 
No Hope No Morality
Release Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014
Review Type: 

Martyr Defiled” a Britisch death/hardcore band from Lincoln formed in 2008. Current members are: Ryan Smith - Guitars, Richard Duffin - Drums (2008-present), Matthew Jones - Vocals (2008-present) and David Trees - Guitars (2011-present).

Made 3 singles, 2 Ep’s and 1 Full-lengt they made their second full-lengt album “No Hope No Morality”. As opener “LVCIFER” starts very rough with the screaming voice of M.Jones right in the face, with some straight drums nice to hear some heavier songs… “But Demons in The Mist” blows me away what a riff damn I like it! But the fifth song “No Hope” is so raw and build a war with words and again man what a drummer mr Duffin. All by all not a bad album if you are in to death/hardcore otherwise there are better album it start with. This album is for the advanced listeners.