Mountain Throne

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Friday, December 6, 2013
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Mountain Throne were formed in 2009 by Mirror Of Deception-members Andreas ‘A.’ Taller (g) and Jochen ‘J.’ Müller (d). After teaming up with bass player H. and singer F., the band signed to Cyclone Empire, which resulted in the release of the official debut studio recording, Serpent’s Heathland, at the very end of 2010 (reviewed by undersigned and updated on February 3rd 2011; see Concreteweb’s Archives). In 2011 there was a split-EP with Chile’s Procession (via the small Irish label Sarlacc), and now, finally, we can enjoy the band’s first full length studio album, which lasts for thirty eight minutes. The material was recorded and mixed by Magister Hubert at the German Darkland Studios.

Stormcoven is a perfected continuation of what once started with Serpent’s Heathland. The hymns are a combination of eighties-inspired Heavy Metal and Doom Rock, bringing a mainly traditional sound (especially when it comes to the guitar riffs and vocals) with an international execution. Of course there are the evident elements of Mirror Of Deception, though this project (or is it a ‘real band’ in mean time, and not just a side-project?) sounds less ‘epic’. But Mountain Throne also implement elements from the likes of Penance, Pagan Altar, Cirith Ungol, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram and Sanctuary, and a couple of times there is even a very subtle hint of ‘punky-thrashy death-rocking frenzy’ (listen to a track like Morningstar Iconoclast and you‘ll know what I mean), and also some winks to the likes of Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden and Manilla Road. The variation in speed (with several tempo-changes) might be little predictable, but it comes at the right moments, and the same goes for the (sometimes extremely great) leads and solos, introductional riffs and atmospheric nuances.

In comparison to the former records, which were very promising, this debut full album really enriches the scene. The mini and the split were nice teasers, but Stormcoven really shows the strength of Mountain Throne’s raison d’être. This sh*t smells, but I like to snuffle over and over again…