Night Ranger

Album Title: 
High Road
Release Date: 
Friday, June 6, 2014
Review Type: 

High Road’ is ‘Nightrangers’ eleventh Studio album. ‘Nightranger’ is known for its feelgood- and catchy songs. And on ther latest album it’s not so different, and it’s a great album as usual. Of course they can never beat the years where they brought out albums such as: ‘Down Patrol’ (1982), ‘Midnight Madness’ (1983) and ‘Big Life’ (1987) but that goes for all the bands that exist more than 25 years. The typical features of ‘Nightranger’ are the sing along choruses and the great guitarwork from ‘Brad Gillis’ and ‘Joel Hoekstra’ and the alternating vocals of the Bass player ‘Jack Blades’ and drummer ‘Kelly Keagy’. Al of these above mentioned features are on their new album ‘High Road’.

A point of criticism is that many songs have the same structure in the choruses, making it all quite similar to each other and there is too little variation. I’ve also noticed that at their concert on the kiss kruise (where ‘nightranger’ played as guest) that there was little variation in their show as well, but don’t get me wrong: it was very well played but it was very much the same.

The first three songs (High Road, Knock Knock Never Stop and Rollin’ On) are great starters for the album. Alternating with ballad’s like: ‘Don’t Live Here Anymore, ‘Only For You Only’ and ‘Brothers’.

Conclusion: ‘High Road’ may not be in the list of the best albums of ‘Night Ranger’, but it’s perfectly balanced with their previous work. A must have album for the melodic hard rock fans. Perfect for a long ride in the car: ‘On The Road’ with ‘Nightranger’.