NunSlaughter - Witchtrap

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NunSlaughter - Witchtrap
Release Date: 
Friday, October 24, 2014
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One of the splits with NunSlaughter included (I will come back to the one with Perversor soon) is this one, with Colombia-based Witchtrap. For this split especially, they had their songs translated in Spanish, i.e. La Ofrenda and Altar De La Muerta. Isn’t that sweet?...

Anyway, NunSlaughter bring nothing new, but why should they anyway? Their filthy, totally discomposed and old styled Death / Thrash / Black Metal is a standard for the worldwide scene, highly influential and inspirational. So forget the ‘heard-it-before’ sh*t, because these guys are one of the reasons why ‘our’ scene has become so fabulous – don’t ever forget that! And I admit that both tracks on this split aren’t the best ones ever done, probably, but this stuff still thrills, f*cks, rules!

Colombian trio Witchtrap are somewhat influenced by the earlier works of NunSlaughter, I guess, but actually it’s rather the old styled Thrash scene that did penetrate their sound. Very South-American, you might think, and indeed it is. Two pieces of slightly Teutonic-influenced Thrash Energetics (hey, isn’t that a cool newly-invented sub-genre?) remind the listener to the importance of the South American scene two decades ago (when and why did this go wrong???), but Witchtrap are one of those bands that do everything they can to revive those glorious days. This is the kind of Thrash Metal that made us sort of fall in love with Extreme Music twenty five, maybe thirty years ago. No refreshing, so what, but persuasion and honesty. Metallica anno mid-eighties might be a not-so-stupid reference, if you follow me…

This stuff gets released on vinyl only, but if you still owe your pick-up from the eighties, there is no reason not to search for this material… My diamond needle, at least, turns around and around and around…