Oresund Space Collective

Album Title: 
Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix
Release Date: 
Friday, January 11, 2013
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With 14 official albums released since 2006 Oresund Space Collective need no introduction to space rock fans. If you’ve seen the Danish-Swedish co crimi Broen(The Bridge), then you know all about Oresund, if not, it’s yr loss cuz it’s one of the best crimes ever. It’s even better than Forbrydelsen (the Killing). But enough about the greatest Danish export since Carlsberg, Lego and Mercyful Fate. Oresund Space Collective is founded in 2004 by key wizard Scott Heller (aka Dr. Space), and are a multinational group of over 30 musicians who are also members of other bands. The cast of friends helping out Dr Space on this release includes PIB- drums, Nick- -bass, Claus- Guitar, Mogens- Synths, Johan- Guitar, Mathias- Pedal steel guitar and KG - sitar, guitar, synthesizer.

Hot on the heels of two track album Phaze Yr Fears (September 2012) comes Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix, 4 songs that were actually recorded back in September 2010, the same studio sessions that the albums Entering into the space country (2011)and the previous Phaze your Fears were recorded.

The 24-minute title track is mellow, spacey and meditative, focusing on raga acid floating, and features the usual cosmic suspects, all of whom put in superb performances with special mention for the always magnificent KG (Siena Root) whose sitar define some of the most spine-tingling moments of the OSC oeuvre. “Mainstream is the new acid ” offers plenty of progressive guitar elements, but it's calm, enchanting and brainmelting and it reminds me a lot of My Brother The Wind, another great instru-improv space prog rock band from Sweden. "Step into the other world" is one of my personal favourites on the CD: a very slowly starting bhang trip. I have a fondness for OSC’s works that emphasize the sounds of the oriental landscape. "Cerebral massage" is yet another example of OSC’s ability to combine kraut, progressive, electronic and space rock into a 27 minute ass kicking jam tune with Rory Gallagher’s axe spirit floating around.

It will be interesting to hear where their explorations take them next time, but I know already now I want to be a part of it.

There's a wealth of information and an enormous sessions page. where you will find hours and hours of their free form space rock jams at http://www.oresundspacecollective.com.