Album Title: 
His Best Deceit
Release Date: 
Monday, November 18, 2013
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It might not be the most original moniker, but this time it’s a Belgian combo (from the French-speaking part of the country) that uses Possession as band name. Why not anyway… The band currently consists of former Dawn Of Crucifixion-members Viriakh (b, v) and Dveikus (g), drummer Pz.Kpfw, and new vocalist Mestema. For your unholy information: the CD-version has been released through Invictus, the tape-edition via Iron Bonehead in 666 copies. Again, why not… And for your unholy information once again: the His Best Deceit demonstrational effort has been recorded at the Blackout Multimedia Studio with Enthroned’s Phorgath as studio-guru (he worked as engineer for bands like L’Hiver En Deuil, Cult Of Eninyes, Necrowretch or Aguynguerran too).

The stuff brings a mostly anti-original form of thrashing Old School Underground Black metal (the corpse-paint kind) with nothing additional to add at all to the current scene. Luckily the material is pretty qualitative, but unfortunately nothing more either. I have heard it six hundred and sixty six times before – sometimes worse, sometimes better. And that’s a pity, for the intentions are promising. The guys know how to handle their instrument, and the compositions are very nice, but at this very moment, I am not completely convinced. Not bad, not grandiose either. Bonus points for the fabulous sound! Better next time, I hope (even though I do not complain)!