Post Mortal Possession

Album Title: 
Ingesting Sewage
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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I usually do not write an article about a short preview on an upcoming release. But if asked very kindly, I can’t say no. Why should I ignore a good band anyway, especially when a review might mean some additional promotion and attention? So here I am…

Post Mortal Possession is not such a known band, probably with exception of their home environment. The Pennsylvanian band (they are from Pittsburgh) recorded two independently released EP’s before, which I had not experienced yet. But hey, there’s Bandcamp and there’s YouTube, so I did some investigation on the band’s past. And what I did hear convinced me: this band is shit! Eh, I mean, they are good (smiley). It’s a very technical approach on Extreme Brutal Death Metal with quite some variation, all in a nutshell. So, what about this new single?

Actually, it was recorded as a teaser for an upcoming album, which, I think, has not been finished yet. It is the first recorded track with newly recruited shouter / screamer / growler Jake (before, he was in Incinerate Creation, by the way), who ‘sings’ (hehe, ‘singing’ sounds so perverted…) about caring and caressing the human kind. Or is it rather a Lovecraftian outburst of evil? No, seriously, it’s a message about the great future of mankind, when we will be the victim instead of the Earth’s usurper. ‘Misery and despair will overtake this world. Birthing a decrypted wasteland of nothingness. I reign upon my throne of decaying corpses. Overlord to a dimension of repugnant filth. Upon the garbage and bodies, my kingdom was built’…

Ingesting Sewage immediately storms forth where Forest Of The Damned, the band’s 2016-EP, came to an end. And for the better part the harshness goes on in a very comparable way. The band’s instrumental play is of a high-skilled technical level, with several changes in tempo and structure, sudden breaks and technical hooks, and fierce, brain-penetrating leads and solos. It comes with those filthy grunts of Jake, as well as some additional screams, sometimes rather blackish (!) and sporadically even of the pig-squealing kind. The whole rhythm section is thunderous and megalithic, overpowering any sense of reason.

I will not go deeper into the subject, but if this is an omen for the upcoming debut full length, well, be prepared! Within their specific genre, the Technical / Brutal Death Metal world, they will rule!

Oh yes, quite difficult to give a score for a one-track effort, but I can’t upload this review without, so that’s why, etc…