Album Title: 
The Crawling Chaos
Release Date: 
Friday, April 25, 2014
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Swedish act Puteraeon was formed in 2008 by current and former members of e.g. Killaman, Taetre and Nominon (and truly many others). They recorded three demos in quite a short period (indeed, these guys were very enthusiastic and creative), which drew attention of mighty Cyclone Empire. Via this professional German label, the band released both former albums, The Esoteric Order (check out the review posted on February 18th 2011 in the Archive-tab) and Cult Cthulhu (idem ditto, see update September 16th 2012). I did appreciate both of them, but it was pretty clear that there was a positive evolution, for the debut was acceptable but slightly uninspired / uninspiring, and the second one was much stronger and more own-faced. The band seemed to have found their own vision (which was not quite the case with the first full length). Oh yes, there was a split as well, with Revel In Flesh

Now the band returns with the third full length, which was recorded at Dagon Recordings and mixed and mastered once again by Andy LaRocque at his Sonic Train Studio (think: Lord Belial, Runemagick, Taetre, In Flames, Rimfrost etc.). It lasts for forty five minutes and as from the first track (Wrath) it is clear that the progression continues. Still lyrically inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (how original… not), the focus lies on firm, pounding and heavy Death Metal with an undeniable Swedish-influenced execution. There is nothing that truly renews, but the core of each single composition is much more thought-through than before (the members did spend more time in the writing and recording processes, and that shows). And there surely is more variation in between the tracks as well, going for the ‘melodies’, tempo and overall sphere (although this was the case too with the band’s last album). The Crawling Chaos sounds timeless, which means that the basics are firmly rooted in the earliest days of Swedeath (Unleashed, Grave, Carnage, Edge Of Sanity etc.), yet with a modern approach (production as well as several details throughout the whole album). And for sure the whole is focused on the purity and essence of the glorious Old School.