Album Title: 
Corpus Antichristi Y3K
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
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Spanish act Retribution return with their second full length, about seven years after the debut (FYI: there was an EP as well in mean time). With this record, Retribution go on in the vein of the former material, but it sound much more refined and professional for sure. On Corpus Antichristi Y3K, the line-up, by the way, is: Noos (lead guitars), L. Shihan (screams / grunts), Rhad (synths), Zakk Threat (rhythm guitars), Tagotis (bass), Bobine Wizard (drums), and Itea Benedicto (soprano vocals). And that’s one of this band’s characteristics, i.e. the equally divided symbiosis of (male) growls and screams, and (female) operatic voices. Also the orchestral components do typify the band. Let’s grave somewhat deeper…

Corpus Antichristi Y3K (which has a total running time of fifty six minutes) combines bombastic symphonies with forceful Metal passages, focusing of pounding rhythms. But is sounds way to unnatural; contrariness rules. I am not the one who totally dislikes bombastic orchestrations; believe it or not, but I can appreciate Opera a lot. But such a forced theatrical stuff goes beyond my intelligence. There is no doubt that the composers are great minds, and that the performers are skilled, but let’s be honest: too much is too much.

And now I am suffering from a dilemma: will I continue and give an extended opinion about this stuff, with referring to the multi-levelled details and the elements that define these compositions, or will I keep it short. Actually, right now I am opting for the last possibility, but let’s end with a positive note: ‘positive note’. This said… No, seriously, if you want to spend your money to this kind of stuff, you need to deliberate, to consider… But at least you might give it a try…