Satanic Bloodspraying

Album Title: 
At The Mercy Of Satan
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
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Satanic Bloodspraying are, I think, a pretty new act, hailing from Bolivia, and debuting on Hells Headbangers with the mini (24:32) At The Mercy Of Satan.

Mercy? Not for one’s eardrums, for sure.

This material sort of pays tribute to, especially, early Impaled Nazarene and early Bathory, as well as the likes of Blasphemy, Throneum, Nifelheim or Bestial Warlust.

Eight short yet devastating, demonic ultra-speed (yet with a couple of decelerations)) Black / Thrash-assaults, paying tribute to the Old Years of Kult, lacking of any form of originality, with nihilistic, minimal elements; to some probably ‘passé’, to others a pleasure to listen at. It’s no-nonsense, complete stripped of any modern gadget or catchy addition, simplistic yet focussing on the essence: War! Terror! Destruction!

Just for fun, as an appetizer, some song titles: Satanic Skullfuck, Draining Blood, Necro Dominatrix… Got the picture?...

I guess the majority will dislike this stuff, but I think you certainly need to give it a chance, especially if the raw Old Skool is your thing!