Sepulchral Curse

Album Title: 
A Birth In Death
Release Date: 
Monday, December 15, 2014
Review Type: 

A quick one… Not only because it’s a short one (fifteen minutes), but because I want to make a statement: Sepulchral Curse, take care of a full length soon!!!

A Birth In Death is a four-tracker that pays tribute to the (Finnish) Old School, and damn, it does sound as if this material had been written and recorded three decades ago. With ‘three decades ago’ I do not want to be negative, because I do not mean an inferior sound. Yeah, it’s rough-edged, unpolished and lacking of modernism – but who needs that crap? Indeed, this kind of Aural Pleasure vomits on clinical precision, soundwise. Cool!

The very same goes for the song writing and performance. It totally lacks of creativity, originality, identity, but f*ck it: it penetrates like a thorny stick in the behind of your divine master. I referred to the scene from Finland, and then I am thinking about the likes of Purtenance or Abhorrence, amongst many others. But there are quite some hints from the American (Incantation, Deicide) and Swedish (early Entombed, Dismember) scene too. Drunk and / or stoned hints, but they are obvious. It’s a characteristic for this sub-genre, but it’s performed with appreciation for the origins, and with the necessary conviction and persuasion. Once again: a full length soon, please!