Sidus Mortuorum

Album Title: 
Coffin Slaves
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Review Type: 

Despite about eight years of existence, Ukrainian outfit Sidus Mortuorum has been low-productive in releases. After a demo in 2009, they came up with their debut album Endless Funeral (Nocturnus Records, 2010), and a second one in 2012, called Coffin Slaves (independently released the digital way) – oh yes, there was a single in between both albums. Hell Productions from Thailand, and Envenomed Music from Ukraine, have recently re-released that second full length album both digitally as on compact disk, including different cover artwork.

Opening track Boneyard Dwellers initially starts quite tranquil and dark, but soon it transforms into a quite old-fashioned form of Thrash / Death Metal, largely seen reminding me to everything in between the American (Death, Nocturnus [without the keyboards], Obituary, Massacre) and European (Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Pungent Stench, Pestilence) scene. …indeed, I said ‘largely seen’… But you need to admit: this material is a pure expression of the Old School from two-three decades ago.

There is not that much additional to mention. The vocals are dual: or thrashing the Teutonic way, or deeply grunting. And instrumentally you might expect the expected: ultra-heavy rhythm sequences, fierce leads and some soul-penetrating solos. Tempos differing in between abyssal-slow and erupting-fast. A sound dense and powerful, yet focusing on the essence. Indeed, this stuff totally lacks of modernism. And therefor: hail! Originality = - / quality = +. No, seriously, the performance is quite cool, despite the combination of essential elements. And i… well, you know, I leave it right here. Search it out for yourself. I recommend this stuff heavily if you adore the tradition of the late eighties and very early nineties; otherwise use better ignore my recommendations…