Album Title: 
Deathmanicvs Revelation
Release Date: 
Monday, April 21, 2014
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…another Metal of Death-release; is it a blessing, is it a curse? To be honest about this current trend, it can be both ways, but I think there is a positive supremacy. And an overload on same-minded releases may not influence one’s opinion, as long as the result is worth being listened at with appreciation and wonder.

So, what about this young French duo (both members are part of one of France’s most impressive Thrash-acts, Infinite Translation)? Well, this record, which will be released on vinyl under the ominous flag of the great Iron Bonehead (FYI: there is a limited tape-edition too, kindly provided by Caligari Records), is the debut. And I am pleasantly surprised once again by such an introduction to the Glory of Death.

What strikes me a lot is the sound. After the short, somewhat eerie (untitled) intro, the mini-LP starts with the track Macabre Oblivion, and as from the very first riff my mind dwells towards the greatness of the Sunlight Studio anno two à three decades ago. …erection guaranteed… And for the better part, the whole does sound as if it were recorded during the era late eighties – early nineties with Tomas Skogsberg in charge of the studio duties. But it is not the production only that might bring the Golden Years of Sweden to mind. The performance too (and so are the song structures, of course) is hugely inspired by this specific scene. However, despite a lack of originality, Skelethal are not just a cheap rip-off. The production is unpolished but one cannot deny a fresh touch of modernism. Skelethal aren’t just ‘retro’; they pay tribute to but do not forget they actually live in another century in mean time. I do like this point of aural view.

Consider it a bastard-hybrid of Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed, spiced with elements from Obituary, Autopsy, Morgoth and Gorefest.