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Friday, January 16, 2015
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Skinflint originates from Botswana, a country more known for it’s diamonds than for it’s music.  I’d never heard of the band, yet is seems this is their fouth album already.  The band is made up of three musicians.

Coming from a land where diamonds are a big part of the national income, is this band a hidden diamond ?  Yes and No.  Musicwise it is clear that they have listened very well to Iron Maiden, and are almost able to produce a Maidenesque sound, but with only three musicians.  On the other hand the vocals are the weaker point in this band.  They sound rather harsh and staccato. I also remarked that most, if not all of the songs begin with a bass intro, and later the guitars kick in.  Luckily Mr. Kevonye “Raskebo” seems to be a very talented bass player, who almost sounds like Steve Harris. There’s however one song on the album that sticks out like a sore tooth, and that’s track n° 5 ‘The Wizard And His Hound’, where the band makes a sidestep into blues.  I don’t think this track should have been on this album.

A nice surprise to hear this band, sad that the album clocks of at just over 30 minutes.