Stallion Four

Album Title: 
Rough Times
Release Date: 
Friday, July 27, 2012
Review Type: 

Sweden is the place to be these days. Bands like Enforcer and Sabaton grow fast. And now we have Stallion four. A band who often remind on bands like Krokus (in the early 80’s) bus for sure on the gods of hard rock AC/DC. But despite of that, they don’t copy them.

Rough Times convince with simple riffs, cool drum parts and for sure the real rock’n roll feeling. But they always sound honestly and refreshing. Each track has a high recognition value. Think about bands like Airbourne and Bullet who are very popular these days. And that’s just the disadvantage of this band. It’s done before them. It’s cool to listen to Rough Times for once, maybe two times, but that’s it. I won’t remember Stallion four in a couple of months. But if you’re a fan of dirty rock’n roll is this the band you’ve been searching for!