Undermine The Supremacy

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Friday, June 6, 2014
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Eschatonic Records are a label formed by members of Inhuman Remnants, and they take care of the release of Ashes, which is the first official recording by young Australian act Undermine The Supremacy.

What this sextet brings with Ashes is twenty one minutes of mega-heavy, little modern Metalcore / Deathcore. Normally I start to puke when referring to ‘Metalcore’ to a review, but in this case it isn’t that bad at all – on the contrary. The EP opens with a fabulous intro, Insomnia, but here I come with a first issue. Despite being one of the greatest introductions I’ve heard in quite some time, it does not fit at all to the rest of the tracks. That’s a pity, and I really do not understand it. As from the second track, which is the title song, Undermine The Supremacy create pretty dark stuff, which makes them strongly distinctive from the ‘averageness’ of the global scene. They do not use those catchy, even poppy elements that sicken the Metalcore-scene, yet focus on the massiveness of the Deathcore-trend. Besides, I think they are pretty creative from time to time, yet here comes another remark: guys, don’t try too hard. You’re young, you need to grow, so don’t overdo yourselves.

So: this is a talented combo with a very convincing debut. With some decent support, I am sure they will reach the highest levels of the scene sometime. Such enthusiasm, such energy, and such craftsmanship; this band has a bright future, that’s my prophecy…