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Monday, April 28, 2014
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Warfuck are a side-project by two Obnoxious-members, Matthieu ‘Mak’ Gamet and Nicolas Latreille. In spring 2012 Warfuck released a first collection of lullabies, called The Weak And The Wicked (self-released), and on December 13th 2013 they came up with the successor, the independently released sonic assault Neantification. The material now gets re-issued via EveryDayHate on both vinyl and CD, and the whole was mastered, by the way, by studio-guru and highly influential producer / musicians Dan Swanö (in a huge list of bands he took care of the mastering, such as Demiurg, Asphyx, Misery Speaks, Gorath, Fuck Off etc.).

Neantification consists of fifteen tracks, having a total running time of twenty five minutes. And in general the EP compiles Grindcore that smoothly combines the tradition of the classic school with an own twist. The opening track, for example, called Till The Bones, lasts for one minute only, but it opens little droning-groovy (twenty second), before erupting with pyroclastic nastiness (ten seconds), slowing down into sludgy proportions, exploding once again for ten seconds, to end with a sample from whatever. And as a matter of fact, the whole record consists of varying Grind-compositions with attention for technical execution (cf. the scenes from the U.S. or the U.K.), spastic weirdness à la the Czech scene, and lots of distinctive, own interpretations of sonic frenzy. And it goes even further. The band uses lots of samples (not unusual at all within this scene), they come with hysterical screams, supported by a handful of deep-throated grunts, and there’s even some saxophone, for example (Rondelle). And damn, but with a track like (instrumental) Néant (‘ignoring’), Warfuck slow down completely.

Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Abaddon Incarnate, Kill The Client, Insect Warfare, Dead Infection or Fleshless; it’s just an idea, but I think it does fit.